“Do as little as needed, not as much as possible.” — Henk Kraaijenhoff

As a law professor, I came to realize that the traditional success strategies in law school advice books are outdated, inefficient, and ineffective.

Over the years, I shared with my own students a series of proven, yet unorthodox, strategies for law school preparation and success. These are the same strategies that I used to graduate from my law school with the highest GPA in its history.

On the encouragement of my students, I decided to start this blog.

In law school, you are likely to get overwhelmed with information, often conflicting, about how to succeed. My goal is to deconstruct law school for you. I will give you short, pragmatic, and efficient advice that you can use right away to make the most out of law school (while still maintaining a healthy personal life) and set yourself up for success after graduation.

My philosophy for achieving law school success can be described using Pareto’s law–also known as the 80/20 principle. That means 80% of your desired outcome can be attributed to 20% of your activities.

In this blog, I will show you how to focus on that 20%.

Over the years, I have seen many students–very smart students—who severely underperformed, despite working extremely hard, precisely because they focused on flawed parameters for success.

A busy law student is not the same as a productive law student.

On these pages, I’ll explain, one post at a time, how the 80/20 principle applies to law school success. There is no magic bullet to law school success, and you still will have to work hard—for most of you, that means harder than you have ever worked before.

But the strategies here will enable you to focus your attention on the few things that matter the most and perform them efficiently.

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