Top Grades. Less Stress.

All students who completed the program last term significantly increased their GPA.

Are You Ready to Ace Law School?

Law school can be a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Busting your butt in law school, but not getting the results you want?
  • In the dark about what your professors expect from you on the final?
  • Spending all your time prepping for classes, with barely any time to get ready for the actual exam?
  • Freaked out that you won’t get your dream job–because your grades won’t even qualify you for an interview in this competitive job market?
  • Wondering how in the world other law students “make it”? What do they know that you don’t? Did they just get lucky? Is there some secret formula to success?

If so, you’re in the right place!

What if I told you that:

  • You don’t have to be a genius workaholic to kill it in law school.
  • Getting better grades in law school is a skill that can be learned–even if you weren’t “born with it.”
  • You can stop spending sleepless nights spinning your wheels.
  • You can learn how to get top grades from someone you can trust–a law professor who grades law school exams for a living!

10 Reasons Why You Should Enroll

1. This is the only workshop taught by a law professor.

In this workshop, you’ll learn from a trusted source—a law professor who grades exams for a living!—how to get top grades without becoming a burned-out, workaholic zombie.

I’m Ozan Varol, a law professor in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

I graduated from my law school with the highest grade point average in its history.

But I didn’t have the makings of a star law student.

I grew up in a foreign country, learned English as a second language in a family with no English speakers, and came to the United States by myself when I was 17. To top it off, I majored in astronomy in college and wrote a grand total of two papers.

So when I started law school, I did everything I could do to learn how to succeed the hard way. I devoured self-help books on law school, interviewed successful law students, peppered my professors with endless questions, and throughout all this, discovered surprising strategies for law school success.

I tailored these strategies with trial-and-error over my law school career, and graduated with a 4.17 GPA out of 4.3 (A+). I never pulled an all nighter, rarely worked past dinner, and had a great social life.

Since then, as a law professor, I personally helped hundreds of law students ace law school by using these same strategies.

In the workshop, I’ll share all of these strategies with you and teach you how to excel in law school.

2. All students who fully completed the course significantly improved their GPA.

Click here to see some of their testimonials.


3. Top grades are important.

Being able to get top grades is an important skill that you can and must learn–especially if you plan to get your dream job in this competitive job market.

One of my professors in law school would tell the class at the beginning of the semester that 90% of the students will not graduate in the top 10%. He intended it to be a joke, but none of us found it all that funny.

Let’s face it.

Law school is a much different ball game than college.

Unlike college classes, your law school success depends on one exam at the end of the semester. To set yourself apart, you need to learn how to wow your professors on the final.

I’ve personally seen dozens of brilliant students, with excellent college grades and LSAT scores, stumble on their final exams simply because they didn’t know how to properly take law school finals.

By the time they realized they didn’t know what they were doing, it was too late.

4. Your future is too important to rely on questionable advice.

If you’re like most law students I know, you’re probably spending hours chasing your tail because there is so much noise–much of it incorrect and outdated–about how to succeed in law school.

You might be reading articles on Google and online forums, chatting with your classmates, trying to piece everything together, throwing every strategy at the wall, crossing your fingers that something works, and feeling guilty when it doesn’t.

When I started law school, I spent weeks doing the same things, feeling the same things, and wondering whether I would succeed.

And that’s exactly why I built this course–to save you the time, the mistakes, and the trial and error.


  • Knowing exactly what to do to prepare and succeed on your finals.
  • Having less stress and more control over your life.
  • Walking into your final exam room, head held high, prepared with a game plan, ready to tackle whatever your professor may throw at you.
  • Getting your dream, pinch-me-now job.
  • Landing a prestigious clerkship at the highest levels of the judiciary.


5. Law students love the program.

” You won’t learn these strategies from your classmates or professors! How to Win at Law School is so helpful and informative. I feel like I’m already a step ahead “
Joe L, San Diego
” This is the only course you’ll need to hit the ground running right out of the gate in law school. Highly recommended! “
David Baña, Baltimore, Maryland
” How to Win at Law School is a game changer! It will help you instantly improve your grades and maximize your efficiency. The course demystified law school strategies for exam taking, outlining, and beyond. In addition, it’s concise, entertaining and easy to understand. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this truly wonderful course! I know it will help others to win at law school. “
Jessica Jetter

6. The workshop is open to only a small group of students so you can get the attention you deserve.

We accept up to 50 students per semester to give personalized advice to only those students who are serious about law school success.


7. The workshop is designed for a busy law student.

The video portion of the course is 2 hours long. Total.  I know how valuable your time is, so I cut through all of the noise and get right to the point.

You can finish the videos in the same time that would take you to binge watch two episodes of House of Cards.

There are 12 video tutorials, which are all short and sweet and give you the goods in digestible pieces.

Many books on law school will only tell you what to do, without showing you how.

But in this course, you’ll get actionable strategies you can implement right away to perform better with less effort, along with real-world examples you can emulate.

I’ll show you model final exam answers and explain what sets them apart from the crowd.

Here’s what’s included in the course.

Getting ready for the final
How to create an efficient study routine
How to survive Socratic questioning by your professor
How to write a killer outline
How to make the best out of your study group
How to stand out from the crowd
How to use commercial outlines and hornbooks
Why students do poorly on law school exams (and what to do about it)

During the final
What you should do in the first 15 minutes
How to write an A+ exam introduction
The one word that will significantly boost your performance
The one fatal mistake you should avoid
5 steps to an A+ analysis section
How to double your analysis points
How to deal with exam anxiety

Online community

You’ll be running in the same direction with like-minded law students. You’ll be part of an online community that will provide accountability to make sure you’re on the right path.

Database of law school final exam questions

You’ll receive access to a database of law school exams, all broken down by class and subject matter.  We currently have 90 exams in the database, and we’re adding more each week.

8. You have time in the next 14 days to look through the course content

The course comes with a 14-day guarantee. If you love the content, great. Your investment was well worth it.

If you complete all of the modules, but don’t love the course, you have 14 days to get a full refund.


9. You won’t learn this stuff in law school

Unfortunately, law schools spend too little time teaching you how to actually succeed in law school.

During your 1L year, you likely won’t get any feedback on your outlines or exam writing until after you take your final exams.

If you don’t have a solid grasp now on how to excel in law school, by the time your Fall semester grades arrive, you’ll be left wondering what went wrong.

10. The course is half the price of a law school textbook.



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